First of all I would like to say thank you for your kindness, attention, time and the opportunity which is given to me to deliver my speech entitled the Jakarta’s traffic.

Jakarta, as we have already known that it is the capital of Indonesia. And with its function as a capital city, Jakarta has almost got everything to attract other people to come to Jakarta for example: its own uniqueness and characteristic, the facility, the glamor and etc. And during the urbanization process and globalization era, Jakarta has become more popular than another city. Many people want to come and to live in Jakarta. The people do not think that they will cause or even get problem by living in Jakarta. They do not realize that living in Jakarta is not as easy and nice as they thought before. Beside the advantages and the luxurious thing that the people can get from Jakarta, They must realize that they will also get the disadvantages or problems. One of the problems that the people must face in Jakarta is Traffic Jam.

Traffic jam is a condition when vehicles are fully stopped for periods of time. Nowadays, Jakarta has been a very crowded city because of higher numbers of cars and population, the timing of work/ schools, bad weather, narrow roads and etc. The people will meet traffic jam everywhere especially during busy hours. The traffic can be very bad and seems to be more crowded and long. There is a line of cars in front of you. You have to wait around 10 minutes to get 7 meters. And even in the place where usually never been any traffic jam now there is a traffic jam and it is also quite long and heavy.

Traffic jam can give effect on people, the environment and the economy. On People, traffic jam can cause mental stress and influence the people’s work because people cannot reach the place of work easily and on time. Beside that Driver will become impatient and then they may be like to drive aggressively or dangerously that finally they will put the passengers and the other driver in danger. On the environment, Vehicles stopped in traffic produce a large volume of harmful carbon emissions that can cause air, water and also noise pollution that finally all of that will influence in people’s health. On Economy, Traffic jam can cause a loss in productivity for businesses and in people’s personal lives because people come late for working/ meeting/ other appointment. It may also slowdown shipping of cargo that finally will effect on economy growth.

Actually, there are many solutions which could make Jakarta free from traffic jams that haunt Jakarta every day and many tricks to enjoy the traffic jam conditions. The tricks are; first, the people can listen the song from the radio in the car or from the cell phone; next, the people can sleep during the long traffic jam; then, the people can eat or drink something, etc. And the solutions to reduce traffic jams are:  first, the people can take the other transportation except land transportation for example water transportation; next, they can use alternative routes and go to work earlier; then, they must follow the law in the streets and do not need to use public transportation to the nearby places. And from the government side, they must build new high ways, new bridges, and put the strict rules that limit the numbers of owning vehicles.

In conclusion, Jakarta has always been a big problem for Jakarta’s people and government. The traffic will effect in people, in economics, and big damage for the environment whether they want it or not. But it does not mean that it is impossible to reduce the traffic jam if all part and side of the people cooperate each other. So The people can make changes for their  lives


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